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"Healthy" Cookies

My Mom (a WW lifetimer) told me about some cookies that she discovered at BJs (like Costco or Sam's Club if you aren't familiar with BJs).  They are called Late July Organic sandwich cookies and taste just like Oreos.  They are not more expensive than Oreos.  They have all organic ingredients, are kosher and vegan and have 1 g fiber, 8 g sugar and 110 calories per serving (2 cookies).  They have no hydrogenated oil, no trans fats, no High Fructose Corn Syrup and no artificial flavor or color.  There is even green tea in them to add antioxidants.  If you are avoiding sugar, maybe this isn't a good find for you, but if you like Oreos and can keep to 2 cookies in a serving, these are about as healthy as I've found.  By the way, my nieces and nephew (7, 10 and 13) love them so they are kid friendly too.  Just don't tell the kids that the cookies are healthy for them!
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