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Sort of NGISR - altering a corset-back?

 So, this is sort of GIS-related in that it's my getting in shape and weight loss efforts that are making me ask this.  I know that when you order your dress, you're supposed to order the size that fits your largest measurement, and then size down.  Generally, a corset-back is supposed to make a custom-fit even easier to achieve without having to get major alterations, too.My question comes in because I tried on a sample and they said it basically fit perfectly except it was a little snug in the hips [even though I couldn't see it], and that thus I should go one size up and have the rest altered down.  The thing is, the bodice fit really well, if not a tiny bit looser than I'd like.  It's a corset back so I know I can just pull the laces tighter if I lose weight, but I don't want to end up with like, an inch of lacing.  So my question is - if I get the size larger, which will already be too big on the upper part of the bodice, and I lose weight so that the lacing is really small/skinny/however you want to word it really difficult to take in a bodice with that kind of back?  It's a corset-style bodice through and through, so there's boning, I believe.  It's the Maggie Sottero Lavina Royale.I'd love to order the current sample size rather than size up, but I'm afraid I won't be able to lose the weight.  Any insight would really be awesome; thanks in advance!
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Re: Sort of NGISR - altering a corset-back?

  • Remember that the sample dresses have been tried on by a number of people and have been stretched.  I'm pretty sure you can take in a corset back on the sides, but I'd post on "The Dress" board (or see if someone's posted the same question), they may be able to help you out with that.  Also, talk to the seamstress you plan on working with if you know, or the alterations department at the store.  They'll be able to give you some additional insight, even if you wind up not working with them for your alterations.
  • I am actually having issues with this now. When I ordered my dress and got it in it was too small( I had gained about 15 pounds) and not short enough so we reordered it 2 sizes larger Now I have lost 15 pounds now it is way too big and the corset is over lapping and the they can only take it in about 1.5 inches on eather side and that will have the beading touching so now instead of losing weight i have to maintain or gain so that the dress fits properly.  My sugestion is to order the sample size but not smaller thinking that you are going to loses weight.  I thought the same thing but then gained and freaked out and then ordered too big. Good luck
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