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Bracing myself now....

So the 12th is my shower then the 26th is my big trip to NY.  A little worried about NY though......Dress Fitting, Food tasting, flower/centerpiece viewing.  How did you control yourself at your food tasting??  I picked things that sound SO good!!!!  Guess I will start bracing myself now!

Re: Bracing myself now....

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    I didn't control myself at my tasting! I had pretty much one of everything, and it was delicious. I say just plan around it and enjoy.  Eat light the rest of the day and get in some exercise. One day isn't going to set you back!That being said, you might want to plan the dress fitting for before the tasting!
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    Chicago- Thanks.  The dress fitting is definitely prior to the tasting, lol.  Dress is at 10am and tasting is 6pm.  In between lots of things including the florist, jeweler, hopefully hairdresser.  Its really hard planning an out of state wedding!
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