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monday accountability

Good morning.  I had an awesome time in Maine.  Sticking to my diet was alot easier than I thought it would be and I ran 2 miles every morning with my sister.  I got on the scale this morning and I lost this week.b-2 hard boiled egg whites, 2 peachesl-tuna with light mayo in a tomatos-peach and cucumber saladd-tba string beans with a proteine-C25K

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    The weekend was okay.  I was over on calories both days, but not by a lot, so no big deal.  Today has been good and I am on track for the rest of the week. B-2 heart healthy waffles and sliced strawberries, coffee L-roasted veggie fritatta and pretzel nibblersS-appleD-burger w/slice of cheese on sandwich thin, salad, green beansS-couple of pieces of dark chocolateE-ran 5 miles today!  Best run in awhile, so I am excited about that--really glad that we are moving into fall.  I can't do longer runs in the summer because I get sick to my stomach.  I am excited to start working on distance again!
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