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5 pound goal for 6 week boot camp!

So today was my 2nd night of boot camp and I am sore everywhere! Feels so great though. I really want to meet my goal of 5 pound loss. I will look good for a friend's wedding I will be attending in October! But what to's always something. :O)

Re: 5 pound goal for 6 week boot camp!

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    I LOVE bootcamp! how many days a week are you doing it!? I have it 3x a week and it's done amazing things for me.  I know you're sore but try not to take advil or anything if you can b/c all these things interfer with losing.  Bulk up on the protien especially after the workout.  GL and glad to hear it's workinig!
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    I really like it so far. I am going to go 4 times a week and then take a kickboxing class on Saturday mornings. I figure if I really try hard for this 6 weeks and lose the 5 pounds it will keep me motivated to lose more.
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