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tuesday accountability

Good morning.b-2 scrambled eggs with salsa, applel-grilled chicken on whole wheat with lettuce and tomatos-fruit saladd-salad and turkey meatballse-walk

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    Good morning everyone!I'm back on the board:)B: oatmeal w/soy milk and grapesL: low fat grilled German sausage, mixed salad with homemade vinaigretteS: apple w/PBD: whole wheat pasta w/parmesan, grilled chicken strips and broccoliE: 45 min on stationary bike, 1 hour walk in nearby park with FI (plus playing on the playground...)
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    Morning!  b- fiber one english muffin, w smart balance peanut butter and a half teaspoon of rapberrt jam, along with a peach s- apple l- IDK yet, we're having a working lunch, so hopefully there's some healthy options s-  depends on how bad the lunch is for me!d- chicken and veggiese- getting home late tonight, so hopefully either the shred or some C25K on the treadmill.  Zumba on Wednesday!
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    good morning!  i did better yesterday than i have in a while.  still not perfect, but better.i need to go grocery shopping.b - apple, oatmeall - lean cuisine, raw veggiess - small piece of french silk pie (terrible, i know!)d - salmon, veggiese - L1 of 30DS this morning, running tonight.
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    B: Kashi bar, 1/2 banana, coffeeS: appleL: leftover Eat Better America chicken marsala, green beansS: oatmealD: blackened tilapia w/ jalapeno pineapple salsa, asparagus
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    Hi Everyone - I'm a newbie and wanted to get in on the action:B: 2 apples and a tablespoon of peanutbutterL: Salad (no dressing) with tuna fish on top w/ diet iced teaD: Tacos (with ground turkey meat) w/ diet iced teaS: fruit saladE: 30 minutes of walking
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