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Hello everyone

Hello I am new here, I am getting married Feb 6, 2010 and I need to get these last 20 pounds off! I have been eating healthier and working out for about a year now and have lost 25 but I need to be more strict with eating. It seems like I do so good during the week, but come the weekend thats a different story. I would love to chat with you girls about secrets/tips that work for you. I really need some dinner ideas...anybody ever feel like they make the same ol things,,lol Thanks ladies
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Re: Hello everyone

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    Welcome!! The most important thing I've found is to eat 5-6 times a day - starting with a great breakfast.  I usually have juice or a shake first thing, before my shower - your body is starving! So feed it something it can access quickly.  Then, after the shower I have something that will tide me over a little longer like cereal waffles toast eggs - something like that. I try to eat natural foods, I have significantly reduced my intake of white carbs. I have to tell you I don't necessarily behave myself on the weekend either.  Check out recipes for the Abs Diet I think they have some listed on the Women's Health mag website.  They have great recipes for natural eating. GL and welcome!!
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