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Share yours, ok?Good - I bought new running shoes lastnight because my old ones were really tattered and starting to fall apart. I kinda love themBad - I only lost .5" this week. Thats my lowest loss EVER. Im so disappointed.

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    Good- This week was the first week I've kept my exercise and eating in check. Bad- We're painting the house this weekend and it's gonna be exhausting. When I get tired I eat like crap. I made dinner for tonight and put it in the fridge hoping that'll combat my urge to eat bad.
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    Good - Headed to the gym shortly, I am finally back on track. Bad - I have been off track for a week, and travelling for work with unhealthy eating guys to Salt Lake for a few days....I am packing workout gear!!
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    Good - I am going to workout today, first time working out on a Sunday in a long time. Bad - I didn't work out at all this past week.
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    good - i got my period today! (i know that doesn't sound good, but after skipping it the last 2 months due to wedding stress, i'm feeling pretty good about it.)bad - i've been terrible all week with eating and working out. back on track tomorrow.  i will lose these last 7 lbs.
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    Good: Tomorrow is day 2 of C25K! The first workout was amazing!!!!!!!Bad: I have never tracked my calorie intake and I am scared to! I feel like I eat 3000 cals a day, even though I know it isn't that many!
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