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Monday Shred Thread

Hey ladies, I've been fairly MIA lately and not shredding at all. I'm doing other things like walk/running and gym with a friend. How has everyone been doing? Question of the day: What kind of results have you gotten so far?

Re: Monday Shred Thread

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    I tried level 3 yesterday morning!  The strength wasn't that bad when I was doing it, but now my back muscles are really sore.  The superman move is tough!  The cardio is also really really difficult since it's basically level 1 plus weights.As far as results go, my arms and abs both look amazing now.  I have some serious definition in both areas and I'm feeling really good about it.
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    I got it in Monday. Tried this morning but was too tired. I have noticed changes in my abs and my shoulders. My stamina is better as well.
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