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    B: squash and gruyere fritatta (7) L: chicken caesar salad (7)S: green beans (0)D: ?E:  no time.  I'm in training all day and then I have a hair appointment after work.Total: 14Target: 25WPAs: 35WI day: tomorrow
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    Dress shopping yesterday was actually good! I found out i lost some inches (post a few below this one with the dresses i liked) B - 2 hardboiled eggs (4), coffee (1.5)S- 2 ww string cheese (2.5)L - turkey wrap (5), chobani strawberry yogurt (3)S - jello (1)D - tbd might try something new since FI will be working late - no kitchen competition!Total: 17Target: 26WI: Tuesdays

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  • Options exercise again this morning....I need to get on the ball! B - cerel (3), 2% milk (2) S- 100 Calorie pack (2) L - yogurt (1), applesauce (1), pretzels (2) D - fish filet (2), asparagus (3), potato (6), V8 Vfusion juice light (1) Total: 23 Target: 25 WI: Friday
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    Morning!!  B:  banana, light yogurt (4)L:  turkey sandwich (5)S:  apple with light caramel dip (3)D:  ???E:  lifting for 30 min.
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    Morning! Today is my WI, and I'm not expecting a loss, but I'm hoping there isn't a gain!B: egg (2), light toast (.5), simply potatoes (1), skim (1)S: SF jello pudding (1)L: turkey sandwich (3), 100 calorie pack (2)S: peach (1)D: beef and broccoli stir fry w/ brown rice (6.5)E: I think I'm going to use today as one of my two nights off for the 18.5target: 22WPR: 35WI: TODAY!
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