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Which Beachbody video?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I browsed the last few pages and didn't see anything on this, but what is your favorite beachbody video? I have Power90 (not x though), and it is okay, but I get so bored with it. What does everyone think of Slim in 6? I have to change up what I do because I get bored just going to the gym, so I usually just go to do weights since I don't have any at home. Any recommendations help, (they don't have to be beachbody, that is just what I am thinking about pulling the trigger on at the moment) I am open to anything. Thanks!

Re: Which Beachbody video?

  • I really liked Billy Blanks' workout videos when I was working out a ton at home.  He can be a little annoying sometimes (but what instructor isn't?), but I was always tired by the end of his videos.  The problem with video workouts, though, is that eventually.. you will get bored. Does your gym have tv's in front of the cardio machines?  I find that goes a very long way towards keeping my mind off of the repetition.  Magazines, too.
  • I love Slim in 6. Just got it about 6 weeks ago actually and Im definately seeing results. Alot of lunges/squats but I needed to work on my legs most.I've done videos before and usually the instructor starts getting on my nerves after a few workouts but this one I can deal with. I usually do a workout of hers in the morning and afterwork. Theres three levels and you work up to each so that kinda mixes it up after awhile. Also they have bonus workouts on the 2nd DVD so that helps for variety too. Hope that helps.
  • Thanks for the advice! I am not a fan of squats and lunges because I have pretty bad knees, so I don't know if Slim in 6 is for me. I read and watch tv and also catch up on emails while doing cardio on machines at the gym, I just hate it. I can handle it a 1 or 2 days a week, but I definitely don't like it for everyday. I may take up swimming again. I was on the team in high school, I just haven't been in the pool (for workout puposes) in a few years.
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