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thursday accountability

Good morning.  I was mia for a couple days not because I fell off the wagon but my old computer died.  We bought a laptop last night and I am loving it.b-2 hard boiled egg whites, 2 orangesl-grilled chicken with mushroomss-apple, ww cheese stickd-veggie burgers on whole wheat, spinich salade-C25K

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    Hi there. I never really post on this thread but I'm going to start. Is this just for menus?B: 1/2 c fiber one, 1/2 cup raising bran, 1 c skim, coffeeS: appleL: 2 oz ham, 1 slice reduced fat cheddar on Arnold's Thin w/ lettuce and 2 t light mayo, grapesS: ?D: turkey burger on AT, ore ida fries, peasS: banana 'ice cream,' popcorn
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    welcome to the thread, chicago!  this is for menus and exercise accountability.i'm doing well this week, and i'm feeling pretty good about it.b - waffles, pb, honey, skim milks - f1 barl - tbd.  was supposed to have lunch with my boss, but she canceled on me.  probably subway.s - pear, string cheesed - healthy choice meal, veggiese - running 4 miles tonight.
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    I've done well this week, but I am feeling like today will be an off day. B-light english muffin w/PB, coffee S-cheese stick L-acorn squash, yogurt, apple S-a few chips and salsa D-BBQ pulled pork on sandwich thin, FF cottage cheese, zucchini E-off day today...
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    b-english muffin with peanut butter and...yes coffees-snack pack ff puddingl-3oz beef ribs with sauce, carrots and yogurts-sour cream and onion chipsd-blue cheese cheeaseburgers and over baked potatoese-30minuts of 30day shred part 1 this morning (day 3)
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