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    B: light eggo waffle (2) chocolate chips (2) milk (1)S: banana (2)L: Ham sandwich (3) quakes (1)S: apple (1)D: tbdE: maybe, maybe not. Depends on planstotal: 13.5target: 22
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    B - coffee (1.5), chex (2) L - pizza (bad - 8), yogurt (3), sf jello (0) D - tbd Total: 14.5 Target: 26

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    TGIF! Hello everyone!I need to vent! I have been trying to schedule e-pics since July and I finally get a confirmed date & time for Sunday, the weather forecast is sunny and warm and I get sick! I am taking them no matter what, so I hope I can kick this before Sunday!B- VitaMuffin Top, lt eng muffin, tbsp SF jelly, coffee w/ skim= (3)L- Chicken Sandwich, Salad w/ RF dressing, apple= (4)S- Fruit Salad, WW yogurt, 1/2 cup Fiber1= (2)D- Mini pizzas on sandwich thins, veggies= (6)S- 100 Cal popcorn, tsp oil= (2)Activity= None- slept in since I wasn't feeling well. Total Planned= 17Target = 21WP left= 5WI/Reset= Tomorrow!
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    b-poached eggs (4), eng muff (1), coffee l-1/2 chicken parm sandwich leftovers from last night (7), salad w dressing (1) d-tbd... wpa just reset so if i go out with my bm visiting from ATL could be bad...ha ha ha on another note...lost weight this week and got another star =)
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    Lost a pound....not bad but I'm bummed I didn't meet my 2 pound a week goal. B: cereal (2.5), V8 Vfusion juice (1), milk (1.5) S: 100 calorie pk (2) L: yogurt (1), applesauce (1) D: leftover chicken & veggies (6) S: Snickers Pie (2) E: treadmill, maybe some wii fit? total: 17 target: 25 WI: Today
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