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My WW friends how do you find going out to eat and counting points? I always try to order things that are lower in points but it is so hard to determine what they truly are in terms of points. I am excited though, last night I went out to eat and for the first time didn't finish my meal. The portion wasn't enormous so I thought I would def. need to eat the whole thing to be satisfied. I was able to determine that I was satisfied and that I didn't need to finish just because it was in front of me, this is a mini victory for me.

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    if you know ahead of time where you're going, you can check out for point information. i like doing it that way, because then I am prepared going into it, not looking at the menu and drooling over the giant
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    ditto- either go to a restaurant that has nutrition information available (many chains) and crunch numbers before you even go OR order things you can eyeball, like salads + protein or pasta + veggies or fish + baked potato + verggies, etc.
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    I try to look up and calculate the points online ahead of time, or, if it's more spontaneous, I'll look at the nutrition facts when I get there (chain restaurants in WA are required to provide nutritional info).Another way I do it is to just say that dinner will count as 25 or so of my weeklies, and I will order whatever I want. I still try to be mindful, but I give myself a break.Also, I try to cut my plate in half as soon as it arrives (for bigger portions). I eat half, and then I take the rest home. If I'm still hungry at home, I'll eat more. And lastly, I often split stuff with FI. Similar to your victory, FI and I used to each devour our own plate of Thai food at our favorite restaurant, and now we order one, split it, and are both satisfied!
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