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NGISR: Hawaii honeymoon?

Hi everyone,I posted this on the honeymoon board too, but since you guys are my 'friends' I thought I'd get your opinion too! We're going to Hawaii for our HM in April, and want to start booking stuff. We have our plane tickets to and from (we used miles) but haven't done anything about hotels. We're going to Kauaii, then to Maui, then the Big Island. The trip is 2 weeks total. Any recs on where to stay? Also, should we use a travel agent for the hotels? I haven't used a TA in years but I've heard they can get you deals like free breakfast. TIA!

Re: NGISR: Hawaii honeymoon?

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    Sounds like fun! I have never been, but I was just talking to someone who went there for her honeymoon and she was telling me how much they loved staying in Volcanoes National Park. She said that you could see the orange glow of the lava flowing at night from the hotel. I can't remember if it was a lodge or cabins, but she said it was the best part of the trip. So I thought I'd tell you.
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    I'm going to Hawaii in just 3 weeks for our honeymoon!! We talked to travel agents but then ended up booking through pleasant holiday on our own - we did flight separate too. They had some great deals and I understand that you will want to have a car so we got a convertible. they had some great deals We staying at the Shereton in Kauai and the Westen in Maui. Heard lot of great things about it, happy to share my reviews when I get back. We're excited to take surfing lessons and try out some of the other island's activities. Hope this helps some GL planning!!
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    DH and I are going to Hawaii on Fri for vacation!!!  We are only going to Oahu though so I can't be much help on the hotels, but I did want to say we got a great deal by bidding on our own price on - you get to put the star level you want and the area of the island that you want to stay in - we were able to get a 4 star hotel for $75 a night - so if you don't care about which particualr hotel you get, this may be an option (you can also select resort hotel only) - we tried for a couple days before that bid was taken, so keep trying if you have time - just a suggestion/idea.

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    Lizzy- I keep hearing great things about both of those hotels. I've told FI that I want to stay in a NICE hotel for at least a few days- some place with a spa where we'll be really pampered and get the 'honeymoon' treatment. But we really can't afford 4 star hotels the whole time, so we're probably going to look into condos or something for part of our stay. But maybe we'll just say F it and give our credit cards a nice workout!
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    That's pretty much what we said. He kept telling me 'we're only doing this once' We'll never get back to hawaii so we may as well pamper ourselves!  We did get a pretty good deal through so check it out. You'll have to pay ahead but you can do it in chunks. we also registered for our honeymoon, not everyone thinks that is appropriate - but we don't need that much 'stuff' So we registered for the activities we want to do when we are there - thought we could send a thank you post card from the island!I say go for it, GL!
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    We stayed at the Westin in Maui about a year and a half ago and LOVED IT.  You will have such a great time.  We spent one week on the west side at the Westin and then another week at the state park cabins on the eastern side.  It was much easier to get to Haleakala National Park from the eastern side, but I'm not sure that I would recommend the cabins for a honeymoon.  They are a bit rustic- you share the cabins with many spiders, geckos, etc.  There are a ton of B & Bs on the eastern side too....We didn't use a TA b/c we bought this fantastic book- Maui Revealed.  It's this guy that lives in Hawaii and DOES NOT GET PAID by excursion companies/ restaurants, so his reviews are spot-on.  They have a book for every island- I would HIGHLY recommend picking them up!!
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    We are registering for our HM but we haven't done anything yet. We also did a traditional registry at crate and barrel for those who don't want to get us honeymoon stuff, but I'm hoping a lot of people do!
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