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Hi all, I have had a bad past two days. Def. eating more than I should be, I think its partly because I am not feeling well. Either way I'm feeling disappointed and kind of gross.. Encouragement needed!!

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    I'm in the same boat.  I went to an all inclusive resort this past weekend, and while I worked to eat well, I definitely drank too much.  And now I'm getting a cold (probably from drinking too much).  We can get back on track though!  I need focus on choosing filling, nutritious foods and working out as best I can.  I think I'm going to go on a long walk tonight since I don't feel so great and don't feel like getting on the elliptical.
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    Dont feel bad.. I totally know how you feel.. I had bronchitis last week ( still have it) and ate horrible due to not wanting to cook or move.. Just start back up.. dont worry about working out until you feel better.. Just take healthy snacks and get back on track.. you can do it..
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    it happens to all of us every once in a while.  it took me 3 full weeks to get back on track after my honeymoon - pathetic, i know.sometimes, life just gets in the way and there isn't much you can do about it.  the important thing now is to move on and get back on track - tomorrow is a new day and you can start fresh again.
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    Thanks for the encouragement. I sometimes fall off and then just stay off and that is how I gain weight so quickly. I am a little nervous because I am going away for the weekend. I am a chaperone for a school trip to Boston from Queens, NY. I know it will be difficult to eat well with limited choices. I need much support and prayers considering I will be going on this trip with 180 teenage girls..YAY!
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