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So, I was reading in a fitness magazine at my dermatologist's office (of all places) an article about new discoveries in how workouts affect the body. In the past, it has been encouraged that people work out in the morning b/c it kick starts your metabolism for the day. New studies have shown that this is only true in a few people the majority should work out a few hours before bed. Exercise releases a lot of chemicals into your brain. One of the chemicals (I can't remember what it is called) is released two to three hours after you've exercised. This chemical tells your brain it is time to go to bed. So, if you have difficulty sleeping try changing when you exercise. This is something my doctors told me years ago; I just didn't get what they meant. They weren't very clear about WHEN. The other tip that was in the article said that for better results do your toning exercises BEFORE your cardio. I've always done it cardio then toning. However, the article explained that your muscles will be more responsive first and the cardio will encourage the toning. Totally not the articles words. I paraphrased this. I will try to find out what magazine the article was in so you guys can all read it for yourselves!
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