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Alright so I joined this group back in July, worked out 4 times a week for a month and then got bored with working out :(. Now I only have 4months (117 days) until our wedding and I am back at the weight I started at. I  was thinking since I got so bored with working out that I would start walking/jogging 5 times a week. And also throw in the 30day shred. Maybe only go to gym once a week. Any thoughts to get me through the next 4 months? Thanks Girls

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    Try training for a goal. Such as training for a 5k/10k or being able to run for a certain amount of time. 30 day shred is great, but I've heard no more trouble zones is a better strength workout that you could incorporate in addition to cardio. Good luck!
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    It's nice to get on here and see that other people are struggling too. Recently I worked very hard to lose a few pounds and gained it right back. I have a hard time with keeping up a good routine. Your idea sounds good. It's only do-able if you can stick to the routine. And I have only 10 weeks left! My goal is realistic! (6 lbs.) I can totally do that right?!
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