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Hello! So this is my 2nd day on this board. I have done weight watchers for about 3-4 years and I hit lifetime about 6 or 7 months ago. About a month after I hit lifetime, my FFIL went into the hospital and for the next 2 months breakfast lunch and dinner was hospital food. I started making poor food choices and here I am 13 lbs later. This is my first real week back to healthy eating and serious exercise but I am not attentding meetings for now. With saving for the wedding, I haven't been able to fit it in the budget  :(  Hopefully I can do this on my own.

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    Welcome.  This board is very supportive.  I love your siggy picture.  Good luck.
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    Hi!  I'm kind of in a similar position.  I lost 25lbs a few years ago.  Then I just stopped eating healthy and working out...and I gained weight to more than I weighed before!  Boo.  The first time I was going to WW meetings and stuff.  Now I'm just trying to somewhat follow points.  It's kind of worked, but you are definitely not on your own!There are posts about WW Accountability so you can post how you're doing each day, too!  It might be good if we could do a weekly accountability, kind of like they do at the meetings, so you could say whether you've lost/gained the previous week.  That way other people are holding you accountable, too - I know that was motivating when I would have to go to meetings.
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