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This isnt for me... but I am making a list for someone... What are your favorite weight loss tips or eating healthy tips that you would give to someone just starting out? I am making my list but I know that you girls can help me figure out more than what I have so far.

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    it really helped me to focus on portion sizes. i never really knew what 3 or 4 ounces of meat looked like, but after getting a food scale, i was blown away by how much more i was eating than i should have been. it definitely help me a ton!

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    For me, it was don't kill yourself.  Let your body get used to exercising.  You don't have to start out exercising for an hour a day 6 days a week.  Start with a doable amount for example 20 minutes and as the weeks go by add 5-10 extra minutes every week to 2 weeks until you are working out for that hour.  HTH!!
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    Putting down your utensil after each fork/spoon makes you eat slower helps prevent stuffing your face.  Also, a food/water/excercise journal.  Even though i can almost literally cut and paste my meals and work-outs from week to week, it still keeps me in check. 
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    I'm sure this is on your list, but Weight Watchers has been a wonderful program for me. Also portion sizes, and actually paying attention to calories. I can't believe some of the calories I used to eat!
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    Water with lemon!!Lemon helps with bloating... I drink a lot of it all day long!!
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    -Count calories -Get up early to exercise if you are good at coming up with excuses in the afternoons -Keep healthy snacks (almonds, granola bar, cheese stick) in your purse at all times -Carry a water bottle as though it were attached to your hip -Fill at least 1/2 your plate with veggies, then the rest with protein/complex carbs
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    I'm a little late to this game.. but measure/weigh EVERYTHING. When I bring things home from the store, especially if it's something I might have a tendency to snack on (chips, crackers, etc), I immediately portion things out and put them in ziploc bags. This is especially the case for things like cereal, as I am a chronic fill-your-bowl-as-full-as-it-will-go cereal eater. Second (which I'm still working on), set a place in your house that is only for eating. Eat there and only there, with no books, computer, tv, etc. to distract you. That way, when you're grazing, you have to ask yourself if you're actually hungry enough to sit down and eat (or if you're just grazing), and you eat without distractions to take away from your feeling satisfied.
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