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apparently im a good runner (long)

So I ran a 5k trail race on Saturday bc one of my coworkers had been talking it up for weeks.  It was 2 weeks to the day after my marathon, and I still not be fully recovered from the marathon bc it took me about 3 minutes longer than it should have (granted it was a tough course bc it was a muddy, crowded  trail).  Anyway, I was feeling kind of bummed that I did so poorly, then I decided to look at the race results online this morning just to check how I did overall and apparently I WON my age division!  (Technically I was second but the girl who won was the overall female winner and they don't give duplicate prizes for overall and age group).  I had no idea I had come in so close to the front of the group!  I guess it must have been a really hard course and so everyone's time was slow.  Anyway, I was so excited!  This is major motivation to race more! 

Re: apparently im a good runner (long)

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