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corset back dress

hi guys! im new to the board and just had a quick question: I bought my dress a few months ago ( corset back) and have stayed the same weight pretty much (3-4lbs less) My weight has always fluctuated 10 lbs or so and I guess im just looking for reasurrance of peoples experience with this type of dress. Are they easy to alter smaller or bigger? Or does the corset save you from having to get it let out or in? Ps my wedding is in May. Thanks Girls!
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Re: corset back dress

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    I gained weight after I bought my dress and I was told that if I would have bought a dress with a corset back that I wouldnt have had to worry as much about losing/gaining weight. As long as you do not gain a TON of weight you should be fine with a corset back dress.
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    My dress was a corset back and yes, you don't have to worry too much as long as you don't gain A LOT of weight.  I was pretty much the same when I got it and the day of my wedding.
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    My dress is a corset dress and I went for my fitting last week and have dropped about 10lbs, I am so thankful I got a corset back because I am still trying to lose maybe 5lbs before my wedding and the lady said not to worry I can just tie my corset tighter. Don't worry but just don't gain to much because you still need to make sure you don't gain too much.
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    You do have to be careful about losing too much weight with a corset, because you may get to the point where they can't tie the corset any tighter and the dress is still falling off of you.  Mine ended up having to be taken in at the sides to make it tight enough.But with 3-4 lbs?  You'll be fine!
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