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has anyone used Wii Fit or Wii Active as part of their work out routine?? if so, what were/are your thoughts on it? what kind of results did you have with it?

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    Its fun.. but the only prob with the Wii fit is that the workouts are super short.. I recomend if you do get the wii fit.. get the biggest loser game.. that is a good workout.
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    The Wii Fit is so much fun! I think it is great for working on balance, but for weight loss it does not do much!
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    I found that the EA Active felt like I was actually working out more then the fit did.    My legs hurt for days after the first 2 workouts.     I have the my personal trainer one too but I didn't like it that much.  it was the exact same as just throwing in a dvd there was no interaction.
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    Wii Active seriously kicks my arse.  The 30 day challenge is, IMO, a pretty decent workout.   Lots of squats and lunges.  Legs. so. sore.If you get the Wii Active, I'd suggest investing in a set of resistance bands.  The one that comes with it is just pathetic.  I've got a set of 3 with much higher resistance levels and use those instead.  I can actually feel the exercise in my arms that way.Wii Fit is fun, but not much of a work out.Also enjoyable and a bit more of a work out, is Outdoor Challenge.  It comes with a big mat and is a hoot with a group.
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