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Recommend your SCALE

My scale is horrible, and I need a new one.  Any recs from you ladies??

Re: Recommend your SCALE

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    mine is the weight watchers glass precision scale and I LOVE IT! it keeps up with your starting weight and tracks it for you too, which is a feature i love.
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    i have a health-o-meter i got at walmart for like $25. i think you can track your weight on it too, but i dont have use for that feature. it works very well and is always consitent.

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    I have a measures to the third decimal and I absolutely love it. It can save up to 5 household members also. Its my second Tanita scale and I've never had any problems.
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    i'd love to have a tanita - especially the models that measure body composition and have the watches that you wear that monitor your calories burned, etc.... i just don't want to shell out the $$$ for it!!!! the one i want is pretty pricey!
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