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wednesday accountability

Good morning.b-1 hard boiled egg white(dropped the other in the trash by accident) apples-light and fit yogurtl-grilled chicken on a saladd-turkey and black bean chili with a little bit of weight watchers cheesee-none

Re: wednesday accountability

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    I'm super excited today because it's the Suns first game! B - Slim Fast shake, Light and Fit yogurt, Venti unsweetened green tea with honey and lemonS - AppleL - Lean CuisineD - TBD - probably spinach salad with egg, cheese and FF dressingE - run 30 min, abs
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    b - none (woke up too late) l - "pizza" (soy pita, marinara, lite mozzarella); salad w/ ff dressing s - luna bar, coffee w/ splash of half & half d - spaghetti squash, marinara, ground turkey, parmesan s - yogurt e - c25k week 2/day 3
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    I'm late on this today!B: English Muffin, 2 egg whites, grapes, 2 cups of coffeeS: instant, sugar free oatmealL: Salad with chicken, fiber plus bar, appleS: banana, almondsD: turkey patty with cheeseE: 2 mile run, 1 hour pilates
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    I am feeling off today...not sure why, but am sort of shaky and don't feel great. b-light english muffin w/PB, 1/2 banana s-tea, cheese stickl-potluck, but was pretty good...did have small cookie though...s-1/2 banana, special k bard-salsa chicken on brown rice, salads-apple, 2 pieces of dark chocolate, teae-ran 2 miles...was planning on more, but just didn't feel well.
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