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Frustration related fail.

I met with my mom this afternoon to go look at bm dresses and after explaining that I wanted aqua with either red flowers or a red sash she tells me that the colors look horrible together and we need to "talk about it". On the way home I stopped at taco bell. I definitely let the stress, disappointment get to me and ate emotionally. I'm even more bummed, but am getting back on track...... now! Thanks for letting me vent :-/

Re: Frustration related fail.

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    Be confident in your decisions!  If that is what you envisionthen that is what you will have! Sorry you let it frustrateyou so much you indulged.
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    Don't listen to your mother! I have seen those colors together and they look good!And sometimes we all have little slip-ups. Don't beat yourself up over it... it happens. My mom told me I was "too big" to start looking at dresses yet, so I felt sorry for myself and got a hamburger : ) We all do it sometimes... the point is that you recognize you're doing it and can move forward!
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    I think that sounds nice together.
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