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Too much water

I have noticed that a lot of the ladies on here suggest water and a lot of it and while i am a strict advocate for water as well I do want to warn anyone with High Blood Pressure too much water is very dangerous for you. It will spike you're BP even more and can cause you to have a stroke. I was in the ER with my mom this past weekend for this (her drinking too much water and spiking her BP). But, like I said I am a firm believer in drinking water I don't like soda myself. Just thought I'd share hopefully to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

Re: Too much water

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    Thanks for the heads up and I hope your mom is alright!
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    Thanks for the advice.  I don't have high blood pressure, but others in my family who are trying to lose weight due, so I'll pass this on.  Thanks again and I hope your mother is doing well.
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    I agree to be careful with the water - just drink when you are thirsty is the best rule of thumb. :)  Or after exercising.
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    Good post; there is actually such a thing as "water intoxication" (yeah, whodathunk?). Here in California there have been multiple cases of it happening in the last couple years.
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