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Running in less than awesome weather?

When H and I started running it was spring.  Cool enough outside that we didn't overheat, but warm enough that shorts and a long sleeve cotton shirt were fine.Then summer came and it was humid as hell and we stopped running.Now the nice part of fall is past and it's starting to get cold again, but I really want to get back into running.What advice can you offer for running in near freezing weather?  I love the idea of getting up in the morning for a run, but today it was -1°C when I got up.What kinds of clothes do you suggest and any other tips?
We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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Re: Running in less than awesome weather?

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    I dont knwo the exact answer because I dont run, but I know there are specific kinds of under clothes you can wear that keep you warm/wick away sweat, and specific kinds of outterwear you can buy. I dont know what stores you have in your area but you could try out sportchek and lululemon for sure.
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    Definitely make sure to stretch and warm up a little more before you run in cold weather. I didn't stretch enough and tore my achilles on a cold day running. Underarmor sells running tights and undershirts to stay warm. I'm sure there are other brands that aren't as expensive.
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    I agree with MidniteSun.  Definitely stretch your muscles out before you head outside.  Perhaps take a little longer at the beginning of your run to just fast walk and warm your muscles up even further.  The important part, though, is to keep moving so your muscles don't seize up.As for clothing, I would highly recommend the "Cold Action" and "Freeze Action" lines of running tights from Under Armour.  They are designed to hold heat in, while simultaneously wicking moisture from your skin to prevent chafing and not clog your pores.  I have several pairs, and love them.  When I run outside, I will wear those, a sports bra, tank, long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt.  If it's really cold out, I don sweatpants over my running tights, and a down vest over my sweatshirt.  I have a running band (to keep my ears warm without overheating my head) and I wear gloves.  North Face active gloves are great, for the same reasons as the Cold Action running tights.  When I first started running in the winter, I felt a bit like an eskimo all bundled up, but you figure out pretty quickly how many layers you really need to keep your body warm enough without overheating.
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    The colder it is the more layers I wear.  At first I am freezing but once I get going I warm up fine.  I don't know any brands to recommend I just wear thermals.
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    You don't want to wear tons of layers, because then you're constricting your movement and you're just gonna get really sweaty and tired quickly. All that sweat isn't necessary when it's that cold out (our bodies produce sweat TO cool us down, we don't need it when it's -1C!)First you're gonna have to do some heavy stretching to wake up (and warm up, literally) those muscles. For clothes, I recommend Under Armor, it is tight so it will keep you pretty warm, but it'll whisk away the sweat. Trails! :)
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