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So I'm weighing in tomorrow, and I'm wondering what the best kind of "last chance workout" is to do the day before a weigh in. Also, what low-sodium foods do you typically eat the day before a weigh in?

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    I read somewhere that "last chance workouts" actually are bad the day before/day of a weigh-in. Has not stopped me though- I usually do a lot of cardio- running, elyptical etc- and no weight training the day before. Drink TONS of water- it washes everything out and will prevent you from being bloated.

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    I heard that you're not suppose to work out right before a WI but I didn't believe it so I tried it one day. I weighed myself just before my work out and then again when I got home from working out. Same clothes and everything and I had dropped .2 of a pound.
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    I never way less right after a hard workout, because my muscles retain water blablabla. If you DO want to work out before, dont do weights.
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    Hooray! I was just waiting for your reply, Neb. I appreciate your input on this board. :) I don't usually workout the day of. I get up, take a shower, get dressed, and go to WW on Saturday mornings. I'm just wondering what the best workout to do TODAY would be. I did 30DS Level 1 this morning, but would more cardio be helpful or not?
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    I dont have an answer I can back up with fact, but for my body, I find I dont notice the effect of hard work outs until a few days after.
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    Agree with Nebb. For a last chance work out you'll want to shed as much weight as possible, so the night before you last chance workout its a good idea to drink up as much water as possible so you can sweat it all out during your LCW. Lifting weights will swell up your muscles for 24 hours (which is part of a reason why you need a day of rest for each muscle section) so it's counterproductive for a LSW because you'd be measuring a lot of "water weight". What I'd do... cardio, cardio, cardio!Good luck to you :)
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