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Hey ladies, It's been a while and during this time I've been on a rather efficient emotional roller coaster. DH lives in another country and it sucks not having him there every day, I've felt a bit empty since the wedding planning just vanished after it had filled so much for ten months, and on top of it all my SIL is no longer in my address book. She thought it appropriate to call me the fat girl, my sister a wh0re and a b1tch, and apparently my marriage is a huge joke since we don't live together right now. A refusal to apologize made me decide that I won't take part of such drama anymore, but it's taken some days for me to recompose myself. This was the first time that anyone saw it necessary to actually call me fat; normally I don't associate with people who are as thoughtless and unkind. The only good thing that has come out of it is a new star, one that has been sorely missed for a long time already. This is one of the first times in my life that I haven't reverted to buying stacks of unhealthy stuff to "mend the broken heart", which makes me feel there is hope for real. My lifestyle change hasn't been filling a lot of my thoughts lately, but I think it's time for it to do so once again. Good luck to all of you who are struggling somehow!

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    I'm new to this board...but I can say this much: How CRUEL and RUDE. Nobody deserves to be spoken to like that! You are making a positive change in your life, and good for you for sticking with it during your difficult separation. I'll punch your SIL for you...
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    What an awful person, who does that?? What did your H say when he heard about that, I would have been absolutely floored. How much longer until you are able to live together?Youre doing great, dont let some short sighted bitter person give you grief!
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    Congrats on the star!  You are doing an amazing job with a tough life change that's made harder by having DH far away.  I can't believe anyone would say any of those horrible things to you! Be proud of yourself for taking on some very tough challenges and doing so well with them.  Welcome back and please come here for the support that you need anytime.
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    Thanks for your support, ladies! You rock :)
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    aww bryn those are horrible things for her to say! so uncalled for and definitely not true. she sounds like a very mean spirited person. im so sorry :( im with vitaluna, butt kicking must commence...

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