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So I've made a new goal for myselfI went into my closet and found a pair of jeans that I want to fit into again. I think I only wore these a handful of times. The problem is I can't get them over my thighs or butt so I know when I can fit into these again I'm really losing the inches I want to lose! So my question is should I set a date I want to fit into these pants or do I keep doing my weight loss like normal and wait until they fit?Have you ladies had success fitting into old clothes?

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    I have about half a closet full of a clothes that fit me now, and half that did before :-P. I would absolutely love to wear them again, particularly these two pairs of jeans, but they aren't fitting right now. I'm not setting a date because I feel terrible when I don't accomplish goals and so I want to make goals that I know I can achieve (aka, working out x # of times a week, tracking what I eat, etc.). You can do it!! good luck!
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    Im currently wearing my goals pants, I didnt have a set date to fit into them though. I just continued to try themon regularly to see how I was doing. Setting a specific date might just hinder your motivation if you fail, just set the goal of fitting in and youll be good!
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    I have a few stages of goal pants, but I'm not setting a goal of when to fit into them. I have the pre baby #2 pants(size 12/13), pre baby #1(size 10/11), and then the when I met FI jeans (size 7). I have a pair of size 7 hanging on my closet so I see them all the time and remember what I'm working for. Kinda like the Yoplait commercial with the 'lil polka dot bikini'.
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    Thanks ladies! I will keep working hard at my goal and be sure to let you all know when they fit again!!
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    I find a great time to go through the closet and check the goal pants is during the change in seasons when the winter stuff goes away and the summer stuff comes out.  Last spring I tossed all of my "fat" clothes.  (and by tossed, I mean donated) And damn did it ever feel good.Good luck with your pants! (that sounds funny)
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    I have goal jeans, and while I haven't set a specific short-term date, I'd like to be able to get into them on my wedding day.  Thats 6months now.  They're too small in my thighs, which is where I'd really love to lose an inch or two for my dress anyway. My mom got them for me years ago, and I haven't ever worn them.  If I could fit into them, I'd be psyched!
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