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Good morning!! B: salt bagel (6) and cream cheese (4) L: Spring salad with caesar dressing (4) D: Coconut curry shrimp (7) S: Mocha frappuccino light (2) Total: 23 Target: 23 E: I'm not sure. I'm in class until 6 tonight, but I'm going to try to do the 30DS afterwards to at least get in something!! WI: Friday

Re: Sat WW Accountability

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    I LOST 4.2 LBS AT WEIGH IN!!! :D I'm so happy! I made my 5%! Hooray!I'm going to San Francisco with my mom today, so I'm not sure what I'll be eating. We're going to a bridal show.B: WW mini bar (1), turkey bacon (6), wheat bread (1), ff mayo (1)S: nonfat pumpkin spice latte (5)L: ??? hopefully not fast foodS: cake samples (5 to be safe), probably another pumpkin spice latte (5)D: If we're back, I'll be eating another asian burger (4), if not ???E: got my walking shoes on :)Total: 28Target: 30 I lost a point! Ahh!WI: Friday - going out of town on Saturday
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    Congrats on your huge loss Favoriteone, that is awesome
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