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Hi Ladies- I've been thinking about getting P90X for after Christmas- the end of the program would put me right 1mo away from my wedding, and right in the midst of fittings. My question is more for apartment-dwellers. Have you had success with the program? I can't install any pull up bar if it requires screwing it into a wall, so I don't know if that takes me out of the p90X running.

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    There are pull up bars that attach to the molding of a door without having to screw it into the wall.  Also I believe P90X has an alternative where you can use resistance bands in place of the pull up bar.

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    I've done the system and used both the door attachment with resistance bands and the pullup bar.  I recommend the pullup bar.  Most of the pullup bars I've seen, including the one I have, do not screw in.  They attach to the top of your door.  You can check out how they attach online.  They are very simple to assemble as well.  There's a slight dark rub mark from mine on the top of the door, but it's nothing a little white paint or maybe even some washing won't get rid of.  Good luck!  It's super fun and great for building muscle.
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    The only problem I have with P90X in my apartment is the jumping, etc. I do it early in the morning and don't want to wake the neighbor below me.
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    spacey!!!! where have you been???? are you married now? I need details and such!
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