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Blah Monday WW Accountability

Ate too much yesterday so now I am dealing with massive stomach ache. Why do we do this to ourselves??

B- protein shake (2)
S- grape tomatoes (0)
L-salad with chicken (5). ??
S- 1 c. strawberries (1), 1 c. cantaloupe (1)
D- protein shake (2), vita top (1), apple (1)

Target- 18
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Re: Blah Monday WW Accountability

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    Trying to get back on track today, and of course, forgot my bag of workout clothes for my Body Pump class. ERG!

    B: bagel thin (1) cream cheese (1.5)
    L: don't know, work is providing...
    D: Healthy Choice (6?)

    E: I guess treadmill and maybe NMTZ, way too hot to run outside today!

    total: 8.5
    target: 21

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    AHHH! I am trying WW online again.  (used to go to meetings but got really sick of $40 a month). I have been maintaining an 18 lb weight loss since Feb but would like to lose 12-18 more. 

    B: Kashi Go Lean! Crunch, greek yogurt, blueberries (4)
    L:  Turkey whole wheat wrap, Salad with veggies, black beans and avocado (6.5)
    Snacks:  Grapes, Kashi bar (2.5)
    D:  Three bean chicken chiili, Blue corn chips, cheddar cheese (10)

    Total: 23
    Target: 23

    E:  Weights class (morn) and hot yoga (eve)
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    I also ate terrible this weekend!  I forced myself to go through and enter everything I ate into my WW journal and it wasn't pretty.

    B:  Quaker Oat Raisin Bar--2, Small plum--.5
    L:  Tuna Salad and 3 mini wheat pita pockets--4, Tomato (0)
    Sn:  Hummus and pita chips--4
    D:  Not sure, maybe breakfast pizza

    E:  30 minutes circuit training
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    Hello all! I'm getting married on Friday! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! We're moving our stuff into our new house today. I'm trying to focus on good choices instead of a points total this week. Too much going on to stress much about weight loss. I've lost 48 lbs and I'm darn proud.

    B: subway breakfast sandwich (3), caramel macchiato (3)
    S: ff yogurt (1), pecans (1)
    L: bagel thin (1), turkey (1), avocado (1)
    S: ff yogurt (1), pecans (1)
    D: tbd - trying to use up parishables before we leave for 2 weeks

    E: moving

    Total: 13
    Target: 27
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    happy wedding week, favorite! you also look FANTASTIC in your siggy pic! :)

    im sick today so idk what im eating....

    B: english muffin (4), smoothie thingy (4)

    Total: 8

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    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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    Spent the weekend at the lake and ate a lot.  I tried adding up the points but it was craziness.  So I am back down to 20 for the week so I hopefully won't see a gain at WI on Friday.

    B: jello/fruit (1), bagel thin / LC cheese (2)
    S: yogurt (2) and Fiber One bar (2)
    L: Subway veggie no cheese (4), cucumbers (0)
    S: popcorn (2), grapes (2)
    D: chicken breast on sandwich thin (5)

    Total: 20
    Target: 20

    E: elliptical at home tonight
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    amy727amy727 member
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    I reach lifetime on Saturday!  I have lost a total of 39.6 lbs. since the end of October.  We had a client come in town and take us out for lunch... That is why I'm eating such a small dinner. 

    B: egg whites (1) english muffin (1) strawberries (1)
    L: Mahi Mahi (4) Asparagus (0) risotto (5) buscuit (4)
    D: salad (0) dressing (2) grilled veggies (2)
    S: ww ice cream (2)

    Total: 22
    Target: 22
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