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Tried out Pilates class this morning. Anyone else do Pilates? What are your thoughts on it? I am so used to a vigorous workout (heavy weight lifting followed by HIIT cardio traininng, it was so different for me.

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Re: Pilates?

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    I do not like pilates mat classes.  They bore me to tears.  I used to go to them in addition to a strength or cardio class and basically considered it my stretching or abs workout.  Being in the class for an hour was like torture to me because I usually just wanted to get out of there.  Not to say it wasn't a decent core workout, it just isn't my personal favorite.

    However, pilates reformer machines are a totally different story.  I'm planning to do two private lessons at a local studio so that I can start doing small group classes.  The machines look so cool and I like the idea of having a 1:3 instructor student ratio. 

    I'm a huge believer in diversifying your exercise.  HIIT and heavy lifting are both a big part of my routine but I also work really hard on my flexibility in yoga.  Doing new classes is really good for the body though, you don't want to get used to or bored with your current routine!
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    Thanks girls!! That is kind of how I am feeling too!
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