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Anyone have any suggestions on exercises to tone the inner thigh?

I have two problem areas:  a little squarish package of pudge around my belly button, and squishy inner thighs.  I've started running (against doctor's orders for bad knees) and am generally active anyway.  I figure the tummy pudge will go away with increased cardiovascular activity, but what about the inner thighs?  How do I tone them?  It seems like everything I do just tones my quads.


Re: Anyone have any suggestions on exercises to tone the inner thigh?

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    You can do ballet squats.  Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart, and toes pointed out, and squat down and stand back up.  Lunges also work the legs/butt from all angles.
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    Remember in the 80's, Susanne Sommers used to do the leg lifts on the floor? Wrap a theraband around your ankles and  put a ball between your knees and do them that way.

    Also, lay on your back, knees bent, ball in between, and sqeeze using your thighs.
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    I like to do the stair stepper sideways.  Obviously this only works if your gym has the right kind of stair stepper -- mine has the kind that is like actual whole stairs, so I can turn 90 degrees, hold onto one of the railings with both hands, and step up sideways.  It gets the inner and outer thighs both (inner thigh of the "bottom" leg and outer thigh of the "top" leg).  You'll want to do equal time facing both ways in order to get both parts of each leg. 
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    NebbNebb member
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    Going against your doctors orders is a recipe for disaster, there are many other good cardio options that are easy on the knees. Dont be dense about this, do what is good for your body - not just your weight loss.

    You cant spot train - doing a wide range of lower body excercises is best - with cardio and strength training you will get the desired effect. Think squats, lunges, step ups, bridges, scissor lifts, dead lifts, etc.
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    I think any form of cardio will eventually tone the inner thighs.  However I did learn one exercise.  Lie on the floor and lift your leg turning your knee slightly outward, that works your inner thighs.   I stopped running because it was hard on my knees and I found other cardio that is intense enough to give me a high calorie burn and works my core at the same time.  
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    I'm with Nebb, going against your doctors orders is not a good idea at all.  What cardio options did your doctor ok?

    Also, as Nebb said, there is no way to spot train.  The only way to get rid of your "problem areas" as fat is concerned is, mostly, through diet, but your body will decide were it wants to lose fat, you've got no control over that.
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    Thanks for some of the suggestions.  Unfortunately, I'm pretty limited on cardio options.  I bike to work and stuff, but I live in a very rural area with no good gym access.  I have nowhere to go swimming, either.  I play volleyball and tennis, both of which are worse on my knees than running is at the moment.  (By running I mean a slow, miserable jog.)  :)

    You're right about not being able to decide "where" I lose fat - I'm very aware of that.  However, I figure toning my thigh muscles (and obviously other muscles in the vicinity) isn't an unreasonable request.  I'll try working with the ball and looking into pilates.

    Thanks again!  :)
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    a little late but....

    try doing side lunges with weights: lunge to one side then back, raising the weights overhead. repeat this with the same leg 10 times, then switch to the other leg. i do 3 sets of 10 (each side) with 5 lb weights but you can see whatever feels comfortable for you. good luck!
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    Belle2BeBelle2Be member
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    Lay on your side, with the bottom arm perpendicular to your body, lift your leg straight up keeping it straight. do a few and flip and do the other side :)

    I'll keep looking for an example, but this is a great one too

    I do these while I watch TV or sit on the computer :)

    This one looks like it targets both areas
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