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Backstory: I tore my meniscus in 08 and had surgery on it. The surgery didnt fix the issue so I have had issues with it but they have been bear able. I tore it doing turbo jam.

So I was getting into a good routine at the gym and working really hard.  Me & my MOH decided to start doing kickboxing. Loved it so we kept going. After the 3rd class I could barly walk. I think I may have torn it again. Go figure, doing the same thing. I cant get into the doctor to get it checked out until mid june so I have been trying to take it easy.

What would be some good excercises to do at the gym? I tried zumba the other night and was in so much pain half-way through. Should I just stick to walking on the treadmil? I am really bummed because I was getting into a good routine. I feel that when I just walk on a treadmill that I dont get a good workout. The bike seems to irritate my knee but maybe its just cuz it was just injured. Any ideas?

Re: Working out & Injury

  • I always find with injuries that get irritated easily that the best thing to do is not do the same exercise two days in a row.  Walk, eliptical, bike - rotate.  Is it possible to do some swimming or water aerobics?  That's really good for things like knee injuries because it takes the stress off of it. 

    I really hope it feels better soon.  :(
  • Thanks. I will try to alternate and see if it helps. My gym has aqua classes but they are during work time. I can always swim on my own but then I never feel like I am getting a good workout.
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    Hwrd, I dont mean to be rude but you have asked this before, and not just once. You KNOW the workouts to do that are low impact for your knees. Its clear, seeing as how every time you try a new one, that high impact workouts (group ones specifically) are not a good fit for you.
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