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Incline Vs MPH

When on a treadmill what is better to concentrate on Incline, MPH, or both?

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    I would concentrate on heart rate and calories burned, but you can only do that accurately with a HRM.
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    It was calculating my Heart rate on the treadmill but not calories burned. I have no clue what my heart rate should be at. That 60/80 chart doesnt really make sense too much. Mine was about 160-171 most of the time.

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    I don't think it's really important to "target" one or the other, just make sure you're getting a good workout. 

    Be aware that as far as running/walking on a treadmill is concerned, a 0 incline on the TM is more like walking downhill.  I generally bump the incline up to 1.5 (not sure what % that is, or if that's the %).

    You could try using the preset programs, just make sure you're not holding on! (brief checks of the HR are ok, but don't keep holding the handles).
    We'll just not tell H about this little fact, m'kay?
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    Thanks girls. I have been doing mostly 5-6.0 incline and 3.0-3.5 mph. I am just starting back up and dont wanna run on the first day obviously. I have gotten an amazing workout the past 2 days but I was just curious.
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