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I need a boost

Hello, I am getting married July 30, 2011. I am soooooo excited BUT I want to flaten my stomach and tone up some. I know I have a year but I want to get started NOW! I am working full time 7a.m. until 6 p.m. Mon-Thurs. Going to School part-time in the evenings and a single mom (for now). Hard to find time to excercise. I am watching what I eat (trying). I have tried Denise Austin DVD's ( not working). What other workouts will help me get better results? Thanks for the suggestions in advance.......

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    Since you're really pressed for time, you'll probably have to rely on your diet to see results.  Working out is a very important part of being healthy and losing weight though, so if you can find time (before work, lunch hour, after work, weekends) take advantage of it.  Most people on this board use online food tracking tools.  I think one is called my daily plate, the other sparkpeople?  I'm sure someone will chime in with the website info.  You can track everything that you're consuming and see where you need to make changes.
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    Glad to see that you're thinking about this early on, so that you don't have to do anything crazy last minute to lose what you want :)

    Definitely keep really good track of what you're eating...try to make healthy choices, even if you have to eat out - it always helps me to try to plan ahead beforehand what I'm going to have...then it's harder for me to pick something bad for me last minute.

    I keep track using, but as pp mentioned others use,, and I've heard some things about lately...So I would check those out and see if one would work for you or not :)

    As far as exercise, if I can't get anything else in during that day...I try to at least take a 20 minute walk (sometimes I split it up into two 10 minute walks throughout the day)...This might be something you could do with your son or daughter as well? :)

    I like Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout alright, but I wouldn't do it everyday since it works the same muscle groups all the time.  There are lots of other workouts as well that I'm sure someone else will also mention :)

    You have quite a bit of time though, so I would personally probably set small goes - workout 3 times per week, or track what you eat 6 days a week, or something small and easily attainable to keep you going throughout this next year :)

    GL! :)

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    if you're short on time, try p90x... it's meant to be for 90 days, but I've only been doing it for about 3 weeks and have seen great results.  Basically if you're working out for an hour six days a week (that's what p90x requires), you're going to see results no matter how you do it.  Following a set program is just easier for me. 
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    Hey! My wedding is in July 2011 too! I've done Insanity and it's really awesome- the videos are only about 40 minutes long so it's not a huge time committment and it's a major workout. I'm looking to tone up before the big day as well, so let me know if you find something that works! 
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    My sister-in-law has been doing insanity as well and has lost 20 pounds (she gave up gluten at the same time, so that's probably connected).  She loved it, but had to stop because the high intensity was giving her knee issues.  So, be aware of that if you have any knee problems.
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    Hi! I am getting married on the same date next year and trying to lose weight and tone up as well. With just about exactly a year to go to meet both out our goals, I think we'll be just fine  :)
    I am tracking calories on and increasing my exercise as well.
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    Any of the Bigggest Loser DVDs are good, and only 1/2 an hour. It would be easy to fit that in, even in a busy schedule!
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