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Hi all, Wedding is 4/30/11....Do you think 30lbs is too much to lose before the big day? I just started to run after 2 years of not doing it (ran 1/2  a mile, and walked 1/2 mile). I really want to lose 25-30 lbs by the big day. My fi and I also bought some Kayaks which will help tone and strengthen my arms. I bought my dress in a size 12, which fits perfect up top (but i have large hips). They are able to take a dress in to maybe a size 8/10 if i lose the weight right? Also, what music did you find the most helpful to run to? I found that Lady Gaga and Linkin Park helped me. I know this is a long post, but I'd like to hear what you ladies have to say ! Smile
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    hey, i run.  alot.   I love it, i find it very relaxing.  In 8 months, it wouldnt be that much of a stretch to lose 20-30 pounds.  I am getting married in march of '11 and hope to lose 20 pounds myself.

    It is going to take a lot more than just running though. you'll need to eat healthy as well.  There is a good way to track what you eat and how you workout..  its called myplate.  its very very helpful.
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    I think it's very possible. I've lost 26 on Weight Watchers in about 8 months, and I lose slowly. I've also only consistently incorporated exercise the last month, so I think including exercise and eatin healthy can help you get to your goal.

    As for the dress, I was told when I bought mine that it could be altered down 2 sizes, and that each size is 10-15 pounds. I've lost 17 since I bought my dress and go for a fitting Sept. 11, so we'll see how accurate that is.
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    I think your weight loss goal is very doable.  My best advice to new runners is to slow down.  Going the distance is more important than building speed, especially if speeding up makes you stop sooner.  And just stick with it!  Sign up for a race or two for motivation.  Races are so fun.  Good luck!
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    25-30lbs is very doable, if you eat well and continue to increase your exercise intensity.  Running is a great workout (well, obviously), and I also recommend trying other activities as well.  I'm a huge fan of kayaking, in case my sn doesn't give it away, and that's a fantastic workout.  I also recommend hiking, although I'm not familiar with south Jersey and whether there is a lot of hiking available there.    I would also include lifting into your workout, as it will help build more muscle, and therefore help you burn more calories.

    I run to music with good beats- Lady Gaga is great for that.  I have Eminem, Flo Rida, Taylor Swift, Black Eye Peas.. etc.  Music with a higher beat per minute will actually help you move faster bc you unconsciously run/walk to the beat. 

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    We are date twins!!  And we also have similar goals.  I figure if I lose 1 pound per week between now and the wedding (which won't happen exactly of course), I can get down 25 pounds or so.  Right now I am keeping a food journal and upping my activity a little at a time.  Good luck!!
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    I personally do not run with music.  I just find it very distracting.  Something about hearing my footsteps helps me stay focused.
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