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What came with your P90X kit?

I'm thinking about getting this. Did you order from the Beach Body website? Do you also have to invest in pull-up bars or free-weights or anything else they use in the DVDs? How soon did you see results after using this? Thanks!

Re: What came with your P90X kit?

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    I got mine from ebay, which saved me about $100. You have to be careful with those though, I was almost scammed on another one.
    I got 13 dvds, the getting started guide, as well as the fitness & nutritional guides. They all came sealed in the P90X box.
    I purchased resistance bands from ebay as well. Much cheaper than beachbody.
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    The Beach Body website is very clear about what is included in the kits. Just go to the page for P90X and scroll through to the bottom. Usually, they will include a set of bands with the videos. Weights you will have to find on your own. Ebay has a lot of great deals or you can check out a sporting good store in your area.
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    It really does work. I find that sometimes the weight doesn't show on the scale the first little while, but you will notice it looking in the mirror, or in your loose clothes. It won't take long for you to see the difference :)
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