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I just got my BFBM, NMTZ, and new 30DS dvds in the mail today! I've been doing 30DS 2-3 times a week for the last month. I was just wondering is anyone has any advice on incorperating the others into a routine or how often I should do them. I'm not sure if I should just do one of them for a while and then switch them up or add another one in or what. I also go a yoga DVD that goes from 15-60 minutes. Just curious is anyone else is using these dvds and how often you do them. I was think about doing BFBM like 3 times a week, NMTZ 1 time, and 30DS 1 time.

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    I have BFBM, and use it about 1x a week.  I do power yoga as my primary form of exercise, and go to the gym 2x a week to get in some cardio.  I have tried to do BFBM and 30S back to back - REALLY BAD idea.  I got the shakes all over by the end of it from over exertion.
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    I use a variety of dvds also, all Jillian or Biggest Loser. I should definitely do BFBM more often, just because cardio burns more calories.  I just try to stick to a pattern of alternating cardio and weights.  The only one I don't have/haven't tried yet is NMTZ.
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    I try to do BFBM 2-3 times a week, and a cardio/weights DVD 2-3 times a week, with pilates thrown in when I feel like it. :) I don't have NMTZ, but if you like it, let us know! I keep debating buying it, but I don't know if I'm fit enough yet...
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    Cardio burns more calories than what? Not weight lifting :)

    I have Jillian's Biggest Winner set, which I like pretty well.
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    I just started 30DS and I love it. I hate it during the 20 min. But I feel great afterwards. I used to do 30-45 min of cardio 3-5x a week at the gym. But this DVD works better during the cold, dreary months for me. I try to do the 30DS as much as possible. I'm pretty out of shape. So, the fact that it is only 20 min is really comforting to me. Smile
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    I do BFBM at least 2x a week and NMTZ at least once. I really like the Star Trainers series (I originally found it on Exercise TV and then got the 3 DVD set of cardio, strength, and abs) and I have been doing that (40 min Cardio, 20 min strength, and 10 min abs) every day that I don't do Jillian Michaels
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    I just found this on exercise TV's site, it's a calendar of how you do the workout with the 3 dvd's I'm starting today!
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