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New to the board? Please introduce yourself in this thread. Welcome!

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    Hi, I'm Tina, 10-08-10 bride.  I mostly hang out on the Oct '10 board but stumbled over here to see what was going on.  I've been trying to lose weight for...oh....10 years, haha, it's just hard, I'm sure you all basically know that.  I am trying to lose about 35-50 lbs.  I'm a student and school is over so now I have no excuses and have lost appx 3 lbs this week and counting.
    My mini motivation is a size 14 dress that fits right now but does not look good, I have a charity ball to attend mid january and hope to wear it then.
    So, that is my long introduction, Hi! 
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    Hi, I'm Joy! I'm an 11/26/2010 Atlanta bride. I mostly hang out on either the Atlanta or AA Brides board(s) but lurk here.

    Between now and our wedding, I would like to lose 38-40 pounds and be able to get into a size 10/12 gown (currently a size 12 in "street" clothes). I definitely could have been there 58 times now but... I do well, fall of the wagon, and let life get the best of me. Argh! So... I'm looking for additional support and someone to keep me accountable.

    I look forward to chatting with everyone here!!!
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    Hi everybody,

    I am new hee and still try to figure this site out, It is huge! Does anyone have tips on what to concentrate on?

    I usually work out a lot but have been forced to stop for a few months because of a bad hip. I would love some healthy lunch and snack tip!

    Linnéa (from sweden, getting married to an amazing GA guy)
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    Hi all. I am newly engaged, my boyfriend, now FI (!), proposed on Christmas. I've been putting off getting in shape for one lame reason or another for a while now. This summer I started doing a weekly weigh in, that's it, just every Sunday morning I weigh myself. That alone has helped me lose 7 pounds by reminding me to be more aware of food choices.

    FI and I are hoping to be married this summer so I have a short time to lose the weight and feel good about myself. I would like to lose 20-30 pounds and started today! I have an elliptical here at my house so I intend on utilizing it as more than just a clothes hanger!!!
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    Hi ladies!!

    I got engaged a week ago today! I have mostly been on my local board - but think this one will be soooo helpful in helping me reach my goal weight. I have struggled with my weight forever...never been really overweight, but never been happy with my weight to my goal weight last year....then moved in with my FI this past jan (almost a year!) and gained 30 pounds (though I honestly don't believe my scale...the floor is uneven or something!!! :)).  My goal is to work out on my elliptical at least 5 times a week, 30 mins or more a day and eat well...but it's hard to stay motivated and eat well! Hoping you ladies can help me keep the motivation =]
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