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Monday WW accountabilty

On your (l)mark, get started, go! (sorry, couldn't resist :-P)

Re: Monday WW accountabilty

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    B: corn chex(3), coffee (2)
    L: sausage (4), salad with cheese and  oil (2)
    D: tbd

    Total: 11
    Target: 26

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    I am a gluten-free, gun-toting wife! :P

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    B: skinny chai tea latte (2)
    L: Mac and cheese (6)
    D: Chicken pot pie (8) and salad (2)
    S: leftover pot roast and veggies (3)
    S: veggies and hummus (2)

    E: 30DS. period. end of story. I will do it. (I'm building up my determination, ask me about it tomorrow please!! oooh, I can even do it while the chicken pot pie is in the oven!)

    WI: Friday. (lucky me!)
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    Hi ladies! Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    Down 1 lb at WI this week- still up .6 from my gain a few weeks ago, but I will take it!

    So what is everyone's strategy for The upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday?

    I am trying to get in as much activity as possible this week and I plan on making some WW friendly sides to enjoy for Thanksgiving!

    B- Lt Eng Muff, tbsp apple/cran butter, Vitamuffin top, coffee w/skim= (3)
    L- Salad w/rf dressing, chicken sand, apple = (4)
    S- Pineapple, WW yogurt, 1/2 cup Fib1= (2)
    D- Turkey Burger, arnold sand thin, veggies= (5)
    S- Popcorn, tsp oil= (2)

    Activity= The FIRM Total Muscle Shaping (45 min dvd)

    Total Planned= 16
    Target= 21
    WP left= Not sure! have to look that up, I think 20ish?
    Wi/Reset= Saturday
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    LOL :-)

    My FI came home for the weekend. It was great, but food-wise, not so much. That's ok though, no real regrets!

    B: WW bagel, WW cream cheese (3)

    S: DD munchkins (3)

    L: Turkey sandwich (3.5) veggies and dip (1)

    S: 2 clementines (.5)

    D: tbd

    E: treadmill and 30DS

    total: 11
    target: 21
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    I went to visit my sister (MOH) this weekend, and I'm pretty sure I blew all of my extra points.... and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. *sigh*

    I also have a ton going on to stress me out and I'm barely keeping it together. I'm practically losing my job in a week, my grandma's dying, I'm behind in wedding planning and school, and I have a massive gooseberry (and bruise) on the back of my thigh that hurts all the time from sitting down on an armrest in a hockey stadium this weekend.

    Sorry... vent... and kind of pointless in terms of WW accountability....

    B: Smart Ones pizza bagles (5)
    L: tbd

    E: none. My leg hurts too much with every step. :(

    Total: 5
    Target: 30
    WI: Saturday

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    Hi Ladies!  I lost 1.5 lb this week!  Still not fully recovered from a couple of gains a month ago or so, but I'm making a come back!

    B: pepperint mocha (3)
    L: hard-boiled egg sandwich (4)
    S: fiber one shake (2)
    D: homemade sushi (philly rolls)- 8?

    total:  17

    E: 40 min elliptical (6) and 20 min bike (1)
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    B: bowl of cereal
    (I skipped Starbucks this morning and I'm super proud of myself)
    s: Special K bar
    Idk about the rest yet...

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