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Treading Water (longish & ventish)

So, I think I suddenly hit *panic mode*. Tomorrow will be 3 months till my wedding. My dress is coming at the end of August, haven't seen it in over a yr. Ordered a size 10, I was a half inch too big in the tummy and boobs to fit the 10, but it's a corset back and my mentality was "I can totally get in shape in time'.

Well fast forward to June, I felt like I finally got in a groove, was starting back up at the gym regularly after a hiatus. I was tracking calories via sparkpeople and eating more, and most importantly, seeing my weight go progressively down. I was down to about 180, which I haven't been in like 2 yrs. (I'm 5'11 btw).

Then, the first bump in the road: I won a big bag of free chocolate at work, the day before vacation. Sa-weeet! How can you pass up giant Hershey bars? Then, the second bump in the road: We always go to a chocolate shop at the beach and get fudge and yummy caramel apples and things. So yeah, chocolate is my kryptonite and when it's in the house, I want it to be out of the house as fast as possible, so I eat it all up so that it's gone. I think it all lasted maybe two weeks in the house. So the chocolate is gone, but FI just bought home these amazing cookies on Sunday.. of which there are 2 left. ( I wasn't the only one eating them however)!

So what's the point? you may ask. Well due to copious amounts of chocolate, I gained back almost all of what I lost recently, I guess I just needed to vent a little, and force myself back to the gym. These next 3 months are going to be hard core, but I do have questions.

I know to do cardio and strength training. I do a Body Pump class at the gym every Tues, which is a full body workout. So I'm hoping to start another full body workout on Thursdays. I'm going to be swimming for about a half hr or so at lunch again everyday (M-F), so that's some cardio. But I guess my question is what should I do on Mon/Wed after work? Just cardio? How much (time-wise)? 45 min?
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