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I just recently signed up for SparkPeople. So far (three days into it) I think it is helpful, but I was wondering if there were others that had any insight on the program. 

Thanks! Andria

Re: Spark People

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    I joined sparkpeople and I love it.  I did track my calories in the beginning for months! Now I learned how much calories are in certain foods and I don't need to track my food anymore.  I learned how my body should feel when I'm getting hungry, hungry or when I had enough food.  I think they set the calories a bit too low so I increased my calories and I lost more weight.  

    They have great workout videos and nutritional articles that are very helpful.  I recommend sticking to the website and meet people who are around your weight because you can motivate each other.

    Good luck with your goals!
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    I've also been using it since mid-July.  I just use the nutrition tracker feature because I find the fitness tracker to be confusing.  I've liked it so far!  Has definitely helped keep me accountable for my calories.
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