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Anyone doing or have done LA Weight Loss?

Hey girls.  A few years ago I signed up for LA Weight loss.  I did loose 70lbs, but eventually gained it all back. I really didn't ever have a good bond with the councilors, and then a new boss came and she was horrible. I also didn't work out, like they suggested so all in all it was a failure. On my part as well. But I loved they actual diet structure and the ability to grocery shop.  So when I got engaged in January I started the meal plan again (minus the bars, I find them not necessary) on my own, cause they closed down out here, and im not paying for that again. I am down 46lbs since January 4th, and I am exercising 5-6 days a week.  So I am feeling incredible. So my question is, does anyone know what the Diet plans are for after the red plan? I was 4lbs away from the next plan years ago, but I don't remember the color or the quantity in the food groups. From my knowledge its the plan right after you get out of the 200lbs range. I know some people don't like this diet program, but it works for me, and I am able to eat all the food groups in the right portions and its the structure that works for me. If anyone knows, please pass on the info.  Thanks! And good luck to all of you in your weight loss.

Re: Anyone doing or have done LA Weight Loss?

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    When I googled I found this -

    That site doesn't have much but if you go to the bottom one of the people posting comments said they have all the plan details, so it may be worth shooting them an email. It looks like lots of people were looking for info.

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    Thank you.  I will try. Everytime I do searches on the net I never come up with much.
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    OMG!  Thank you thank you thank you.  I emailed that girl, and she emailed me the whole packet for all the plans and the structures for when to switch to the next lower plan.  I am so excited!!!!  If anyone is interested I will be happy to pass it along. Its all self explanatory.  Thanks for looking it up, I have never found that web page in all my searches. You are a lifesaver, literally!
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