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I want to lose.. but not too much..

I have 6 months until my wedding. I am a size 14 and already have my dress and it fits me perfectly without any alterations.. However, I would like to lose some weight, especially in my arms and a little in my stomach... I carry my weight pretty proportionally so my stomach isn't all that bad just my arms that bother me. Anyway I was told I can't get the dress altered more than 2 sizes up and 2 sizes down so I don't want to lose too much because I absolutely love my dress and its discontinued..BUT I have to do SOMETHING cause I dont want to gain and I am still in college so its definitely a worry... any advice on how to target my arms or any other advice is welcome!
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Re: I want to lose.. but not too much..

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    Well unfortunately to lose the actual fat on your arms you are going to have to do cardio, which can make you lose weight everywhere. So try to walk and jog alot, and drink a ton of water. I would do ALOT of low weight, high repetition arm workouts (strenth training stuff like push ups, bicep curls). You dont want to build too much muscle, but have some will help to tone the arms.

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    I am a size 5 but had flabby arms and hated the way they looked, I concentrated on my triceps the most.
    My routine became:
    Monday, wednesday, Friday, Sunday :  Running 1 lap at park
    Tuesday, thursday, Sat: Skull Crushers: see this link:

    I started with 5 lbs, 10 reps, 4 times = 40 reps with 2 mins break in-between sets. Increased the weight by 2 lbs every 2 weeks and happy to report, saw results in 1.5 months on my arms, they feel hard now. But you HAVE to do cardio.
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