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need serious motivation

It's taking me forever to even START the diet and get on track.....i need some motivation;((((((((((( i keep saying ok "today's the day" and i crash about 3 hours later...........uuugh.

Re: need serious motivation

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    have you tried my plate on I am usually the same way and this has been a huge motivation for me. And once I got myself on a regular gym schedule, I found that I really looked forward to going, rather than dreading it like I used to.

    Good luck :)
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    you can do it! no more excuses, just get started. and if you mess up, just keep going!!
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    I agree yes it is hard and even harder to restart if you hit a rut. But once you start you enjoy and love it!
    *~* Mrs.J *~*
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    Maybe you are thinking too much in a "diet" depravation mindset. Start thinking that you are making healthier choices, instead of thinking of what you can't eat etc. Try to start balancing your choices without being too obsessive about it.
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