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About a week ago you ladies inspired me to keep track of my food... well I have started that this Tuesday. It is a little difficult but, I am managing!

For those of you who have knowledge about and about entering food, i need some help!

All this week, my foods have been pretty basic to enter. Well last night, I made curry chicken with carrots and celery over rice. How in the world do I enter that? I used chicken stock and cornstarch to thicken it up. I made a whole pan of it for my family, so of course I didn't eat all of it.... But have the slightest idea on how to enter this into my intake calendar.

Thanks for any help!

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    I'm not sure how Sparkpeople does it, but on Livestrong you can enter in "recipes" and then specify how many servings it was.  The other option on Livestrong is to enter in "meals".

    Before they introduced the recipe options, I'd enter in everything as a meal.  Put in the amount of each thing I used to put together the meal, and then added it with my serving size as 1/total servings.
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    Whenever I make a recipie, I add up add the ingredients before hand for the entire batch. Then I enter the total amounts as one item and add it to my favorites. For example, I make turkey spaghetti meat sauce a lot. So on a pad of paperor excel I add up the total meat, sauce ingredients, etc. Then I go into spark people and add a new food and name it "turkey spag meat sauce" and add to favorites. Then whenever I eat it I can select the item and for the portion, I just do a whatever portion on the batch that it is.

    Luckily after a few weeks, I generally have most of the itms that I will eat.
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    ok that makes A LOT of sense!

    So how would I go about findng the information for chicken??? I am gonna get online and see if I can find the info for the chicken stock and whatever else I used.
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    Either on the package or some brands have it online. You can also search the already entered information by other users. I would say its about 90% right. Depending on the item, sometimes companies make changes and the entered information isnt right (usually happens with lean cuisines for me).

    Sometimes if I am out or like at work someone brings in birthday cake etc, I search and I pick my best guess at what I think its close to.

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